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These are your favorite honey flavoried candies, freeze dried to perfection.   So do what Pooh Bear does and reach down to the last little morsel of golden happiness.   

A Rumbly in my Tummy

SKU: 1200
  • Corn Syrup, sugar, nonfat milk, hydrogenated coconut oil, almonds, and less than 2% of Honey, Salt, Egg whites, canola and / or Safflower And / Or palm oil, modified soy protein, natural flavor TBHQ and Citric Acid (to preserve freshness )

    • Allergens: These products are made in a kitchen that shared equipment with the following: tree nuts, peanuts, soy products, dairy, eggs, and wheat.
    • Homemade Products: These products are homemade and are not subject to state inspection laws.
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