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Our Story

CandyBar Creations was born as a result of our wanting to create shelf stable food for our family.  Over the course of the last year we have been experimenting and testing with all types of foods.  Creating the candy concoctions was not just a challenge but also exciting and tasty.  After much encouragement from neighbors, family, and friends we are now offering these lovely confections to others.  We hope you enjoy what we believe are some very creative ideas on how to reimagine the many candies and treats offered and how you may use them.  

CandyBar Creations is a family owned and operated business.  All our products are homemade and are not subject to state inspection under the Minnesota Cottage Food Producer Registration Licensing regulations.  We are not allowed to ship product under these regulations.  All products may be sold at events, out of our home,

 and/or delivered by us directly.  

Meet The Team

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